Photography Service

Every business has a story, and we love to share our inspiration.

Our wedding inspiration

We draw inspiration for our wedding photography services from the intimacy and enthusiasm of the couples we work with. Your love story, your vision, and your connection are the factors that shape our approach to wedding photography and produce a unique record of your big day.

Real Estate inspiration

A robust, powerful online presence is more crucial than ever in the modern digital era. Your listings must be distinctive from the competition. Marketing a home is different from representing it. Professional property photography is essential for listings that stand out. Consider it an investment in both yourself and your clients. We will showcase the most significant features of your home to potential buyers or tenants thanks to our experience photographer.

Newborn inspiration

Your baby's first days of life, their first steps, or a day of playing outdoors can become such beautiful memories and stories to tell when they grow up. The whole photo session experience is enjoyable and relaxing thanks to our photographers' patience, joy, and friendliness. Every photo shoot is different and personal, but in general, our connection with children enables us to produce beautiful, artistic photos that you and your family will like.

Maternity inspiration

The connection a mother feels with her unborn child is unique. It's difficult to put into words the emotion we can capture during maternity photography, but we feel compelled to document this tremendously precious period in your life forever. As a result, we work hard to curate a collection of photos that will leave you speechless.

Our modern maternity photography approach uses posing, sophisticated studio lighting, and post-production techniques to produce images that you and your unborn child will treasure for all time.

Please get in touch with us so that we can set up your appointment for when you are 30-34 weeks pregnant. Not only are partners and siblings welcome, but they are also encouraged to participate.

Other event inspiration

As per your needs, Lens of Light offers a customised photography service. We provide a wide range of services, including photography for family portraits and business events. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Every event needs to be organised in advance, so everyone knows what to expect.